Coworking Space Trends In 2020: What does this mean to you?

As we waved goodbye to an eventful 2019 and leaped into the new year, let’s have a look at what’s in store for us in the Coworking Spaces in 2020. “Just under half of coworking employees work in a coworking space 5 days or more per week, and many stay in the same space for […]

Top 5 Networking Tips

Everyone talks about networking. We get that while it comes naturally to some people to launch into a conversation with a stranger they just met – it can be daunting for most. Networking is a powerful tool that can and will impact your career success. Here are our top 5 tips to help you with […]

Co-Working Spaces Meet Changing Workplace and Investment Needs: Require Landlords To Be More Flexible and Buildings To Be Smarter

The office market in Australia, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, is witnessing a change in landlord behaviour as they adjust to meet tenants’ needs for flexible, up to the minute office space. ‘Today’s younger generations of workers are expecting modern, comfortable premises which offer the latest in digital technology services and facilities, and are key […]

The attractions of co-working… Who does it and why do it?

According to, around 326 ‘unicorn’ companies populated the world at the end of May 2019, with 119 new ones coming on line since January 2018. Coined by venture capitalist Aileen Lee to represent the rarity of such successful ventures, the term ‘unicorn’ refers to startups having a valuation of $1.4 billion or more – […]


Procurement Australasia’s Space Station flexible office spaces in Melbourne and Sydney are a great option for companies’ and sole traders’ needs for cost effective, adaptable office space in terms of both technology and size. As demand for flexible office space grows to meet business’s changing needs as they swell and shrink in line with industry […]

Co-working flexible-office spaces are the way of the future.

The last five years have seen an enormous take-up of co-working spaces in markets across the world. It’s an innovative trend creating more united teams than ever before and has effectively revolutionised the way we now do business. Research shows that more co-working spaces were leased in Australia in 2018 than the previous three years […]