Welcome to Orbit – 10 June 2020

Our workspaces allow you to scale up or down your “get back to work plan” post COVID19.

Talk to us today and ask about how we can help transition you and your business, back to the new normal.

Welcome to Orbit – 22 May 2020

Following the government’s announcement and the gradual easing of restrictions, organisations are starting to think about their back to work planning.

To support businesses during this transition, we are offering Space Station – Flexible office spaces.

Welcome to Orbit – 15 May 2020

Space Station offers Members, Clients and Guests private offices to suite all your needs. Distance planning has also been taken into consideration with all rooms providing optimal space, abiding by social distance regulations.

Welcome to Orbit – 08 May 2020

From our Procurement Australasia mother’s to yours, we wish mother’s all around the world a very happy and healthy Mother’s Day with their loved ones near and far.

Welcome to Orbit – 22 April 2020

Christine has been answering a lot of questions from her kids around the topic of Coronavirus, and with her new electronic Coronavirus Children’s Book, you too can help your kids understand what Coronavirus is, and how we can all navigate this strange time together.

Welcome to Orbit – 15 April 2020

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Welcome to Orbit – 01 April 2020

At Space Station, we know that COVID-19 has had an impact on how organisations view their employees working from home, and having office locations outside of one building.

Newest Space Station Flexible Co-work Space Opens in Melbourne

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                              12 FEBRUARY 2020 Procurement Australasia’s newest co-work Space Station location at L10, 440 Collin Street, Melbourne, offering affordably priced flexible co-working spaces in a comfortable, professional setting, will be officially opened on the 28th February by The Hon Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne. L10, 440 Collins Street is the […]

Why co-working spaces work…

For many, the idea of working from a flexible co-working space seems almost unnatural. This is because the traditional idea of work, especially office-based work, is that you go to the same office every day, mingle with the same work colleagues and know exactly where everything and everyone is all the time. Because this has […]